Working with a Relocation Counselor

Working with a Relocation Counselor

Relocating due to a transfer for work can be just as stressful as it is exciting.  Traditionally, moving for a job can put a strain on your day-to-day life and can cost quite a bit of money, even if your employer is covering most of the expenses.  So, how do you overcome the challenges of relocation?

If you’ve accepted a long distance transfer, talk to your employer.  The company may offer a variety of relocation counseling services and assistance.  This internal support system can be beneficial in helping you find a reliable and trustworthy mover, temporary housing, sell your current home, and even plan your travel.

There are plenty of pressures associated with relocation, so if you are afforded the assistance of a relocation counselor, take advantage of it.  The main function of such a counselor is to advise you through the relocation, serve as an information conduit, and be your advocate throughout the entire process.

So, as you prepare for relocation, sit down with your relocation counselor and discuss your move in detail.  Remember, he or she cannot do all the work for you but can definitely help a great deal.  Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions about the services they can provide, relocation policy benefits, and other concerns you may have.

Your relocation counselor can help you stay on top of timing and delivery of program benefits and remain organized throughout your residential move.  Having an advocate on your side when going through a long distance move can take much of the burden off of you and your family.  Why make moving more stressful than it has to be? Let the relocation counselor focus on the stressful details while you focus on your work.

– Lance Grooms