Would You Drop $60k on a Hotel Room

Would You Drop $60k on a Hotel Room

As you may or may not know, Jennifer Aniston recently moved to New York City. In the last year or so, she’s bought several different swanky apartments in different Manhattan neighborhoods. While we’re not sure whether she’s gone on this real estate shopping spree because she wants a change or because she’s dating a new guy, we’re happy to know she’s active in the market!

The past couple of weeks have shown Ms. Aniston and her newfound love, Justin Theroux, spending a lot of time in California, even though they do not have a permanent residence there. You might remember Aniston officially moved from the west coast back in July when she sold her Beverly Hills mansion for just under $40 million.

So, what has the happy couple been doing for room and board since hanging out in the Los Angeles area? They’ve been spending $60,000 or so on a hotel room! We’re betting that the hotel offers some of the most cutting edge amenities and classy layouts. If it doesn’t, we think they’re crazy!

Actually, the hotel is one of the best – the Sunset Tower Hotel. Part of the hotel bill might be due to the fact that they enjoyed Champagne and Beluga caviar. Other famous guests of this hotel have included some of Hollywood’s most legendary stars, such as Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Jon Huser