Would You Move to a Hair Castle?

Would You Move to a Hair Castle?

If you’ve got children, chances are you’ve seen Disney’s recent redux of the beloved story of Rapunzel in “Tangled.”  But, what do you think of a hair castle?  Would you move into one?

Well, if you are a little grossed out by the idea of a hair castle, don’t worry – we don’t know of one actually large enough to let anyone move in, but there is an artist that has made one for the sake of art.

Agustina Woodgate began collecting the hair from her shower drain about six years ago and wasn’t exactly sure why.  But she kept doing it because it just felt right.  As her interest intensified, she started giving haircuts to passersby in whatever city she happened to be in – moving from New York to Buenos Aires and then on to Miami.

Woodgate collected hair from these haircuts and her friends dropped off envelopes filled with locks of hair.  This continued until she had about four huge trash bags full of all sorts of hair.  It was then that she really thought about what she might do with it.  It finally hit her one day – build a tower!

The final structure stands four-and-a-half feet tall and consists of felted hair and is made up of more than 3,000 bricks of different shapes and sizes.  So it’s just big enough to move into, for a few minutes at least!  The process of felting involves immersing hair into hot and cold water and wrapping it around foam cores and the whole tower took Woodgate 12 hours every day for one month.  The piece was displayed in Miami until this past July.

Jon Huser