Steps To Wrap Up A Move Before Dinners On The Table

Steps To Wrap Up A Move Before Dinners On The Table

Just when you think you’re ready for the big day, you realize that your home isn’t quite ready for the relocation. While it’s highly recommended to start the moving process three to four weeks in advance, life can come at you fast. Fortunately, there are many quick moving tips that will help you complete the tiny details of your move in a jiffy.

Get Rid of the Items You Don’t Need

The first step to a last-minute move is to eliminate the things you don’t need. The less you have to pack, the easier packing (and the moving process) will be. Start by navigating through your home, room-by-room, closet-by-closet, and separate the items you don’t need from the items that still need to be packed. Then, separate those things into two boxes designated to be donated or thrown out.

For anything you’re having difficulty deciding what to do with, send them off to a storage unit and worry about that later. You’re on a time crunch, so focus on what you know you don’t need and leave the other items in storage until you’re able to go through them more meticulously and with a clear mind.

Pack a Moving Day Overnight Bag

Grab your overnight bag and start filling it with the essentials you’ll need to survive the first night in your home. Your moving day overnight bag should include things such as day-to-day toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, important documents, chargers, and a towel.

Put Together a Moving Day Essentials Box

Chances are, the items that are still left unpacked are the things you use on a frequent basis such as your all-purpose cleaner, soaps, and linens. The good news is that these are the types of items you’ll want to pack into a moving day essentials box or bag. If you’re having difficulties deciding what needs to go in your essentials moving box, think about whether you’ll need it within the first 24 hours post-move. Think cleaning supplies, hand towels, and soap, paper plates, and cutlery, etc.

Now, the key is to pack these items in a clearly marked container that separates them from the rest of your packed items. This will allow you to easily locate the items upon arrival at your new home, instead of sifting through hundreds of boxes to find what you need.

Hire Professional Packers

Packing is a tedious task that is often underestimated. It takes significantly more time – and more packing materials than expected. So, if you find yourself scrambling for time and packing supplies, hiring professional packers to come in and save the day is an excellent option for a last-minute move.

Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers will also come to you as a huge benefit if you’re running short on time and moving day is fast approaching. Professional movers will do the loading and unloading of your items, as well as the transportation which instantly eliminates the largest tasks from your moving to-do list.
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Starting the moving process as soon as possible, preferably with a full-service moving company that handles the ins and outs of your move, is the best way to ensure an efficient and successful move. However, if time is running up and you have to pack quickly, these last-minute moving tips will help.