Storage Services

Storage Services


Long & Short Term

Storing your personal items with BMS Moving and Storage is easier than you ever thought! Who wants to deal with self storage when you can have professional take care of everything for you (For about the same price!).

Our process is simple:

  1. We load your stuff up (yes, we do the heavy lifting)
  2. We store your stuff in special “Vaults” in our secure warehouses.
  3. We deliver your stuff when you are ready.

BMS, it’s that simple.

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BMS Moving and Storage is ready to make sure your items are stored safe and sound until you are ready for them.

Cheaper than Self Storage

What if we told you there was a more secure and cost effect way to store your items other than self storage? We know it sounds to good to be true, But with BMS Moving and Storage we are are here to answer all of your wishes. We offer secure warehousing and storage at every one of our offices. Also we can take care of the heavy lifting, that means no more borrowing your neighbors truck every time you have to bring something to storage!

You’ll also find storage with BMS Moving and Storage provides more options, including custom crating and specialized packing you simply won’t get from a self-storage company. Meaning your items are not only more protected but are packaged properly so they come back to you in the same condition you left them, no matter the time. Let BMS show you why self-storage is a thing of the past.

Clear the Clutter Program

Did you know that when you are selling your home you have a higher chance of a good sale when your house has less items in it? Do you wish that your garage clutter was not there for the pictures of your home before it goes on the market? Sounds like it time to call BMS and talk about our Clear the Clutter Storage program.

With Clear the Clutter, our trained moving professionals will come to your house and even pack your items such as, seasonal decor, extra furniture, and the extra items that are cluttering up your hallway closets and hold on to the items until you are ready for them to come back or be moved to your new space. This is just one example of the customizable storage programs that we offer to any of our clients. We want to make sure that you get everything that you need out of your moving and storage company. Call today to see how BMS can clear your clutter and help you sell your home!