Successful Office Moves and Delegating Tasks To The Team

Successful Office Moves and Delegating Tasks To The Team

Preparing your employees for an office relocation is the first step to a successful move. This allows them to be fully aware of any necessary tasks that need to be completed prior to the big day, such as organizing their own workspace for the relocation. However, there are many additional office relocation tasks you will want to delegate to the team to promote a quick, efficient and fully-organized move.

Assemble a To-Do Team

The first step to ensuring a successful office move is to determine the tasks that must be completed prior to the relocation date. Gather a team of managers or seniors in the company who are well-versed in your. It will be their responsibility to write down each task that needs to be completed, big and small. If plausible, this team can also be responsible for delegating tasks to different team members moving forward.

Each Team Member is Responsible for Their Own Workspace Prior to and Post Move

Assigning responsibility to each team member for their own workspace will serve as a significant benefit to your office relocation. It allows your employees to confidently prepare their own belongings that they use to personalize their work environment, while also decreasing the number of tasks on your to-do list.

The key is to set a firm deadline as to when the task needs to be completed to ensure a successful move, sans any delays.

Designate a Team Member as a Point of Contact for Office Building Management

There are many tasks involved with a successful office relocation, with proper building management of the new and old office being one of the most important. Assign a trusted team member, preferably a senior in the company, to handle tasks such as confirmation of the dates on the lease agreement, water, electric and gas services, as well as janitorial and security system services. They would also be responsible for getting any keys needed for building access or parking passes for employees.

In short, this employee’s (or team of employees) responsibility is to ensure everything is prepared to be shut off or transferred over to the new office location on the proper dates.

Assign a Team Member to Hire Necessary Contractors and Businesses

Researching companies to hire to ensure a smooth and effective office relocation is a timely process. Delegate this task to a trusted team member who is well informed of the moving necessities and dates. It will be their responsibility to research and hire any contractors or businesses needed for the relocation, such as a moving company, storage company, professional packers, furniture deliveries, construction contractors, etc.

BMS Moving & Storage is a full-service moving company that will handle the ins and outs of your office relocation – from the disassembly and reassembly of office furniture, professional packing, relocation and storage of your items, and more.

A Team Member to Map Out the Move

Having a proper course of action is imperative to a successful office relocation. Assign a team member to be responsible for mapping out the move. It will be their responsibility to take inventory of all items that will be moved, from packed boxes of office supplies to large office furniture, along with the moving equipment and materials needed for each. This team member should communicate with the person in charge of hiring moving professionals to ensure the best solution is found based on the information collected.



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