Winter Storage Items We All Forget About Until It’s Too Late

Winter Storage Items We All Forget About Until It’s Too Late

The winter season is here. There are a lot of events and celebrations to look forward to in the next few months and preparation is key to ensuring you and your family are fullly prepared for the festivities ahead. The cold weather keeps us indoors for the majority of the time and while spending more time inside close to immediate family and visiting relatives, you will want to maximize the space available. The following tips will help you condense the things that need to be stored indoors during the colder months:


While your family may have left their bikes out all summer long, it’s imperative to store them over the winter months while they are not in use. Road salt and snow can rust chains and seize moving parts – its important to clean your bikes and dry them properly before long-term storage. If space is an issue in your garage, basement, or shed, consider storing bicycles in a secure storage facility with BMS Moving & Storage. Your bikes will be safe and sheltered from the elements all winter long.

Camping Gear

Unless you or your family are avid winter campers, camping gear should be packed away to maintain its integrity and condition. You might have tents, cooking tools, lawn chairs, kayaks, life jackets, sleeping bags, etc. that all need to be kept safe during the snowy season. Ensure everything is clean, free of debris, and dry before storing it away.

Patio Furniture and BBQ

Patio furniture doesn’t necessarily have to be stored inside. If you have all-weather covers, they can remain outside during the winter, however, it’s a wise decision to bring in seat cushions, umbrellas, and outdoor rugs. The same goes for your BBQ. Make sure it’s covered and protected from the elements and that no moisture can get in. With a BBQ make sure to clean it thoroughly first as the last thing you want is little critters getting inside to make a home during the cold months.

Sports Equipment

The time has come to pack away sports equipment like basketball nets, balls, golfing gear, volleyball nets, etc. This also goes for more extreme sports paraphernalia such as jet skis, surfing gear, exotic cars, etc. Finding the space to keep all of these things clean and safe during the winter might pose some serious space issues, especially if you plan on hosting your family for any holiday festivities. It might be in your best interest to rent out a storage unit and keep your possessions secure.

Garden Tools

During the spring and summer, you may have had quite the outdoor space. Now that your patio furniture is packed down for the winter, you still need to consider gardening equipment. This could consist of planters, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, planting tools, garden statues, etc. Store the items away in a dry space that is protected from the elements.

Kids have a lot of summer toys. Playhouses, push cars, sprinklers, activity tables, slides, etc. While a lot of these toys are pretty resilient, the cold weather can cause the plastic to crack and the toys rendered unusable. If possible, store all toys inside during the winter. But again, if they take up a multitude of real estate, pack them away in a storage unit until you need them again in the spring or summer.

No Matter your load always remember that if you need more storage BMS Moving & Storage is the answer for you.