5 Things That Could Cost You During a Move

5 Things That Could Cost You During a Move

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, when you move you will undoubtedly spend money. Moving is expensive and there are plenty of things to pay for – the movers, packing supplies, storage, additional expenses. But, you don’t have to break the bank when you move.

Here are five things which you might want to avoid as they could end up costing you quite a bit during your next relocation.

1 – Booking the Moving Company at the Last Minute

This should be the most obvious, but many people make this mistake. The longer you wait to book the moving company or hire the movers, the more money you will end up spending. It is a good rule of thumb to book the movers at least six weeks ahead of time, especially May-September. This way, you’ve got plenty of time to organize the other portions of the move.

If you are doing the move on your own and need to book a moving truck, it is a good idea to schedule that with plenty of notice as well.  A  DIY move can be flexible on your schedule, however you’re always dependant on availability of trucks.  Just remember, the less time you have to book the move/rental, the fewer options you will have.

2 – Moving During the Summer Months

If you can choose when you move, you might want to avoid the summer months. The summer is one of the busiest moving seasons there is which means that it can get very expensive – even with a DIY move! But, if you have to move during the summer months, try to book your moving company with as much notice as possible. This might help you save a few bucks.

The busiest, and most expensive, time to move is between May and September. So, if you have to relocate during this period, another good rule of thumb is to try and schedule your move on a weekday, when the rates will be a little lower. Because this is a particularly busy time for the moving industry, you might also consider booking your move with at least 10 weeks’ notice.

3 – Assuming That Additional Fees Will Be Discussed

You know what they say about assuming something, right? Well, it’s true in the moving industry as well. Don’t ever assume that the moving company will tell you about all the additional fees that you could incur. Ask ahead of time about any possible additional fees or charges. Make sure you know what’s going on.  Getting things in writing is extremely important!

4 – Moving Without a Plan

Even if you have to move relatively quickly and with very little notice, devise a plan. This will help you eliminate stress and organize the relocation. In the long run, having a moving plan will also save you money.

5 – Not Setting a Moving Budget

No matter what you do in life, you should always have a budget. So, whether you’re moving across the country, overseas, or to the next neighborhood, make a budget – and stick to it! This will help to keep your finances under control.

Lance Grooms