Accentuate the Positive to Help Ease Moving Blues

Accentuate the Positive to Help Ease Moving Blues

Relocation is tough, whether you’re moving across the ocean or across town.  When you’ve got family tagging along, you may find yourself dealing with the moving blues.

Kids are especially susceptible to fear and anxiety in the face of relocation and it’s important to acknowledge and validate those feelings.  If you’re honest, you’re likely to experiencing some serious apprehension, too.  It could be helpful to call a family meeting where everybody can voice their concerns and ask questions about the move.

Another way to focus on the positives of relocation is to discuss the good parts about living in a new place.  Maybe it’s getting to know a different part of the country or enjoying new experiences together—make a game of it and see who can come up with the longest list of benefits.

A great way to help young kids feel secure on move day is to let them pack a special box or bag with their favorite things and keep it with them.  They’ll know their treasures are safe and will draw comfort from having their stuff nearby.

If your move will take you far from home, offer to host a party or sleepover for older kids.  Take plenty of pictures to help your kids capture some final memories with their friends.

Make sure everybody in the family understands what to expect when the movers show up, talk as often as necessary about the move, and help kids understand the positives of relocation.  You’ll all be happy and settled in your new home before you know it!

-Jon Huser