Alex Trebek has a heart attack

Alex Trebek has a heart attack

Alex Trebek is mostly known for his work on Jeopardy.  He has hosted the show for several decades now and is definitely a well-recognized figure.

Anyone who loves the show and has enjoyed the host will find it sad that he has suffered from a heart attack.  Mr Trebek suffered from the heart attack on Saturday.  It was a mild heart attack, for which he was hospitalized, and the hospital will continue to observe him for a couple of days.  He is currently 71 and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.  The hospital has requested further testing to make certain that he will not suffer from another more severe attack if released from the hospital.  Sony Pictures Entertainment made the announcement that the host was in the hospital.  Right now Jeopardy is off-season, so the shows are reruns, but this heart attack may be the first step towards convincing the Canadian-born man to retire.

Mt Trebek did tell the media in a video that he is thinking about retiring.  He is currently in good spirits, but feels that the 29th season may be his last.  He may also decide to forego this season, given that the new season will start recording in July.

Mr Trebek was also the host for High Rollers and Pitfall before going on to Jeopardy, which was syndicated in 1984.  It will definitely mean a change for Jeopardy if he retires.  For those who watch it every day, this may be most saddening.

Jon Huser