Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Moving In Together?

Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Moving In Together?

The question of the day may very well be whether Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds moving in together. Of course, that’s the big question if you are a Hollywood gossip columnist or someone who just really wants to know the relocation habits of the stars!

No confirmation has even been given that Lively, 24, and Reynolds, 35, are even officially a couple. The two were first spotted together back in October on an Amtrak train from New York to Boston. They were also seen dining on sushi at a swanky eatery called O Ya. So, it is only speculation as to whether they are moving in together.

Well, whether they are or they aren’t, we can report that the two have been seen hunting for apartments together in New York City. Now that doesn’t mean they’re both going to move into the place – one could just be accompanying the other on the so-called house hunt.

However, it might be nice to fantasize about what apartments they’ve been looking at. We just wish we could move into some of them!  For example, just the other day the dynamic duo was seen checking out a $4.35 million penthouse apartment near Madison Square Park on Fifth Avenue. How nice.

It doesn’t matter to us if Lively and Reynolds do move in together or not. What does matter is what type of apartments they are looking at – we can only wonder what their moving bill will be for all their stuff!

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