Snowbirds Don’t Forget These Tips

Snowbirds Don’t Forget These Tips

Are you a snowbird?  If you aren’t aware, a snowbird is a person who moves to a much warmer state, usually Florida, for the winter months but lives up north the rest of the year.  Many snowbirds leave their northern homes unoccupied, which can lead to complications.

Here are some special insurance and banking ideas that can help protect snowbirds like you when you relocate to the southern states to bask in the sun.

Prep the House for the Winter.


Even if you don’t relocate to a warmer climate in the winter, there are steps you should take to protect your home.  Inspect the roof, clean out the gutters and insulate water lines.  Don’t forget to shut off the outdoor water faucets.

 Trim Trees.


The weight of the snow can break tree branches, so trim them before you move south.  Damage caused by a branch falling onto your roof can cost a pretty penny, so do your best to avoid it!

Have the Snow Shoveled.


Hire a neighborhood kid or have a neighbor shovel the snow around your home while you are gone.  This can prevent melting snow from leaking into the house and causing water damage.

Secure the House.


Before you move south for the winter, make sure the house is secure and not an open invitation to squatters or vandals.  Stop newspaper delivery.  Get your mail rerouted.  Have someone check on the house from time to time.

Let Your Bank Know.

Make sure that your bank knows your winter address and contact information for statements and fraud alerts.  This will also prevent your account from being frozen for fraud when you travel.  Oh, and sign up for online banking – you’ll be able to pay bills and transfer funds without a problem.

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