Fort Wayne, Indiana a Good Place to Move

Fort Wayne, Indiana a Good Place to Move

There are many reasons to relocate – to get a new start, education, and employment are just a few such reasons. It doesn’t matter why you want to move but it will matter where you relocate. Most of us want to move to a place where we can have a good start and perhaps build a future.

Well, Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of those places. The northeastern city has all the amenities of a big city with the feel of a small, quaint town. So, who wouldn’t want to move there?

The economy in Fort Wayne, Indiana is booming. A thriving economy is a main draw for people wanting to move to a major city in the state. Industries experiencing expansion in Indiana, especially in Fort Wayne, include manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and technology. The construction industry is also booming since many companies are expanding their operations and many people are moving in.

If you do end up moving to Fort Wayne, you will find the overall cost of living in the area is much less that compared to other major cities across the country. Additionally, commute times, even in the greater Fort Wayne metro area, are a dream.

In addition to the growing job market and economy, the housing market is actually pretty stable in Fort Wayne. This is unlike most other cities in the U.S. right now. Fortunately for Indiana, Fort Wayne never saw the boom and bust that other states such as California and Florida experienced back in 2007.

With a population of 411,154, a job growth rate of almost 4%, a per capita income of $32,220, and an average home price of $130,103 we can’t see why someone wanting to move to an Indiana city wouldn’t consider Fort Wayne!

Lance Grooms