Atlanta’s Cabbagetown Gets a Remake

Atlanta’s Cabbagetown Gets a Remake

Thinking of moving to Cabbagetown?While the population of Cabbagetown isn’t primarily Irish, we couldn’t help but to think of the traditional St. Patty’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage when we heard of this little Atlanta neighborhood.  So, if you’re thinking of moving to Atlanta, you may want to know a little bit about Cabbagetown.

Back in the 1970s, the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills complex shut down and that really hurt Cabbagetown.  Just a few miles away from Atlanta, this shut down practically destroyed the area’s economy.  In fact, many people relocated away from the area during the late 1970s leaving row upon row of abandoned shotgun houses.

All that changed in the last couple of years.  When artists and young families noticed that the shotgun houses were really quite inexpensive, they started moving in.  Now, the mill complex, which was originally built between 1881 and 1922, is one of the country’s largest New York-style loft communities.  The transformation has inspired many others to relocate to the area as well.

The refurbished mill was opened as lofts in 2000, and Cabbagetown has been growing steadily ever since, contrary to other parts of the country.  The streets bustle with trendy shops, restaurants, and bars to grab a “green” beer – and you can often find local artists displaying and selling their work.  So, if you want to move to Georgia and want a historic yet bohemian feel to your neighborhood, Cabbagetown may be a good choice.

– Lance Grooms