Baby bump rumor for Kunis

Baby bump rumor for Kunis

It is practically a time honored media right of passage for any relatively new celebrity couple, but it has taken just six months for pregnancy rumors to start circulating around former That 70s Show couple turned real life lovers Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

The website of British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail is among a number of such gossip sites to have published photographs of the 29-year-old wearing a striped tank top, insisting that she is showing “a definite roundness in the stomach area”.  The website claims that the actress “has been wearing loose clothing of late, and has skipped most of the glam events in Hollywood recently”.

Just a few days prior to the release of the photos and the baby rumors started to do the rounds, the couple was spotted out and about in North Hollywood, with Kunis wearing a loose black hoodie and donning exercise gear.  The relationship between the two old friends, who met on the set of the popular sit-com when Kunis was just 14 back in 1998, has moved very fast this year, with the couple deciding to move in together just months after Kutcher’s very public split with his much older wife Demi Moore.

The couple has made no public comment on the baby bump rumors and, while not hiding their relationship, they have been wary of courting too much in the way of publicity. They did not even announce that they were going to move in together, preferring to keep their private life as private as possible.

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