Bad Neighbors?

Bad Neighbors?

If you are trying to sell your house and move, the last thing you want is a neighbor who has let their house become a bit of an eyesore.  Well, it is believed that is exactly what one longtime Congressman did in Detroit much to the dismay of his neighbors.

Lately, all we seem to hear about Detroit is how it is a dying town and people are moving out at a quick pace.  Jobs aren’t growing, factories are shutting down, and the crime rate is on the rise.  It is too bad Motor City is getting such a bad rap.  It is reported that Congressman John Conyers has one of the homes needing a bit of TLC.

We’ve got nothing against John Conyers, but his neighbors might.  He’s been in Washington since 1966 and does maintain a home in the nation’s capital, but he also has a home in Detroit.  However, his Detroit residence is mainly to keep his job, he all but moved permanently to Washington years ago.

So, what’s wrong with his Detroit home? It has been reported that the grass is overgrown, the paint is peeling, and there is debris strewn about.  In fact, many believe it looks like a house that is in the middle of foreclosure or has been abandoned.

The house has a prominent owner, so it is a shame the property has been left to get this bad.  Also, the house is quite close to the Detroit Golf Club, which has been trying to get a PGA tournament hosting spot for a while now, but couldn’t because some of the houses nearby look so bad.

Once the house’s disrepair made national news, Conyers put up the cash to make the needed repairs.  But, that just made neighbors in another neighborhood move on to the issue.  Yep, he has another property in the city which is reported to be in just as bad condition!

Jon Huser