Bank robbers strap device to bank manager in California

Bank robbers strap device to bank manager in California

A bank robber attempted to rob a bank by strapping a device to the chest of the bank manager who was then instructed to rob her own bank in East Los Angeles, CA.  The authorities are currently seeking two men in connection with the robbery, who are believed to have escaped with a substantial amount of money after subjecting the bank manager to a horrendous ordeal.

The employee, who has not been identified, was approached by two masked men as she traveled to work on Wednesday morning, according to a report given by Lieutenant Neal Mongan from the Huntington Park Police Department.  She was then told to drive to bank, which was located in East Los Angeles, with what she believed to be a bomb strapped to her person.

When she reached the bank and retrieved the money, she then threw the cash out of the back door of the building where the two masked men were waiting. The men then fled with their takings.

Bomb technicians who arrived on the scene removed the device, which was then disarmed by a robot, and the Sheriff’s Department later confirmed that the device had not been explosive.

Captain Mike Parker from the Sheriff’s Department said that they had “very carefully removed that device from her body. That is a very rare occurrence to actually remove a device directly from a person.”

Lance Grooms