Best places to live around Boston

Best places to live around Boston

Are you considering a move to the Boston area in Massachusetts?  If you are then the following may be helpful to you.  In April a company surveyed a realtors association to find out the most popular locations around Boston.  The survey has come up with some handy results for those who may be relocating to the area.  When deciding on some of the better places to live, such things as curb appeal, proximity to amenities, and other criteria were used.

Beech Road is the most popular area in Brookline, a neighborhood of Boston.  The street may be short, but it has plenty of amenities to make it worth an in town move or out of state move to the area.  It has plenty of attractions, such as a medical area, college, park, transportation, and beautiful street.  The downside is that the housing prices are in the $2 million range and above, so deep pockets are required here.

Brattle Street in Cambridge is another popular street with a high price tag, but for those who can afford it many of the houses and the street date back to the 1600s.  It was an important street in its time, which is perhaps why many want to live there now.  The houses are also quite large, with 3,500 to 5,000 square feet of space.

Commonwealth Avenue in Boston is definitely a favorite for locals.  Prices begin at around $800 per square foot for studio homes and increase to $1,200 square feet for penthouse options.  Despite the high cost the area has quite a few amenities and residents interested in it.  Nightlife, schools, shopping, parks, restaurants, and Boston University are all within a short distance, which keeps many trying to find a home in the area for relocation.

East Broadway is another popular area, though it is located in South Boston.  Homes here are more affordable at $360 per square feet.  There are also a high number of renovated homes that one can snap up for a decent enough cost.  This district tends to feel like a small town, although it is close to the financial district.  Many homes are brick row houses with two or three stories.  If you want to live in Boston it may be the first place to look.  This area is unlike what South Boston used to be like. It has received a facelift in many areas, including making it an up-and-coming neighborhood.

Boston is going to be one of the most expensive cities in comparison to other USA cities, but if you have a hankering to live in a great town with some great people and plenty to do then Boston can certainly be the answer for your relocation.  Boston has plenty of heritage and history to make it worth living in or around.  You might look at some of the other boroughs and neighborhoods too, just as a way to see where it might be best to live on more of a budget.

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