Billionaire Moving On via Twitter

Billionaire Moving On via Twitter

If you had a billion dollars how would you tell your wife you were leaving her to move in with your mistress?  Even if you didn’t have a billion dollars, would it ever occur to you to use a social networking site like Twitter to move on emotionally?

Well, one Chinese billionaire did just that. That’s right, Wang Gongquan, shared with not only his wife but the rest of the world, that he would be eloping with his mistress, Wang Qin.  He did this all on a micro-blogging site very similar to Twitter – Sina Weibo.

Still at a loss for words?  We can’t imagine breaking up with someone and moving on over the Internet, but maybe Chinese businessmen are more advanced than we are!  The announcement caused such a stir that his “tweet” actually went viral, with more than 60,000 other people republishing it within the first 24 hours.

While we wish the new couple the best of luck, we also hope Mr. Gongquan has a pretty solid pre-nup with the jilted wife!  We’re wondering who gets to keep the house, the yachts, and all the other goodies and who will be moving out.

Social networking isn’t only good for keeping in touch with your friends and apparently leaving your wife, it’s an awesome tool for the moving industry. Quite a few real estate companies have developed apps for mobile devices that allow prospective homebuyers find listings and map them out.  This being one of the many ways to use technology and social media sites.

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