Blooming Retreat in Los Angeles

Blooming Retreat in Los Angeles

Who doesn’t love Orlando Bloom?  Any serious fan of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy or the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films would jump at the chance to drop $18,000 per month on rent and move into his Los Angeles house.  Yes, film fans Orlando Bloom’s house is up for rent.

The 3,248 square foot home is located at 2645 Outpost Drive in Los Angeles and it looks like it may have seen better days.  The trees and shrubbery filling out the quarter-acre lot seem to be overgrown and in serious need of a landscape architect.  So, if you want to move in now, you’ll have to bring your pruning shears.  But, a little overgrowth shouldn’t scare anyone serious about moving into this beautiful 71-year-old home.

The house, nestled in the Hollywood Hills, has four bedrooms and three bathrooms – the perfect size for a Hollywood-bound family ready to relocate.  The kitchen is equipped with cherry cabinets, so if you love a warm kitchen, this house is perfect!  Other amenities include a pool, den/library with a private entrance, and a fireplace.  If you want to relocate to a private home, you’re in luck – the house also has a security system, cameras, and a motor court.

An interesting bit of information: Bloom’s house was one of the celebrity homes hit by the “bling ring” burglars back in 2009 – a group of teenagers hitting up the homes of the rich and famous to swipe their valuables and cash.  Orlando bought this house in 2007 for $2.75 million.

– Katie Steil