Bodies Found in Home Listed For Sale

Bodies Found in Home Listed For Sale

House hunting?  If so, you probably know to check for cracks in the foundation. You might even look at the roof. But have you looked for bodies in a house you might want to move into? Probably not.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what a couple of Sauk Village, Illinois house hunters experienced earlier this month when the bodies of two teenagers were found inside a house they were looking at. The property owner was showing the house on Tuesday night when the bodies were discovered inside. Chances are, those house hunters won’t be moving in.

The victims, 18 and 19, were apparently shot and left for dead inside the house. According to newspaper reports, the bodies had been in the house for over a day. The victims’ names are not being released until family members can be notified.

The house, which is located on Brookwood Drive, has been on the market for 121 days. It is a single-story, four-bedroom home. Anyone want to place bets that no one will be moving into the house anytime soon?

This story only brings to light an issue that has apparently been plaguing Chicago in recent months. Apparently, troublemakers are targeting vacant homes. Squatters are moving in and trashing properties. Violence is being brought into otherwise safe neighborhoods.

Currently, an ordinance is in development to prevent such situations in the future. The basic idea would be that uninhabited homes located in close proximity to schools would be secured and regularly monitored.

Jon Huser