British rapper wants to move to Australia

British rapper wants to move to Australia

British rapper Example, born under the name of Elliot Gleave, wants to go Down Under sometime in the next ten years – permanently.  The rapper, who has become a target of the British media thanks to his romance with Australian model and TV host Erin McNaught, says that his plan for the next decade of his life involves five more years of touring around the world and then to move to Australia to live.

“I certainly want to buy a place there soon,” Example says.  “It makes sense.  My Mum, Dad and sister all live there already and obviously Erin’s family is there.  I just love the outdoors lifestyle.  If I was going to have kids I’d want to bring them up close to a beach.”

Aside from his celebrity romance and his desire for relocation Down Under, the other thing on Example’s mind at the moment is his fourth album, entitled The Evolution of Man, which sees him continue to expand on his musical horizons, as well as his vocals.  “I wanted a metal rock album that’s produced electronically,” he confesses, adding that the inspiration for the album came from bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Rancid.

“Some of the tracks are really aggressive,” he admits, pointing out that while on some tracks he sounds romantic and baritone, on others he’s like Bono and on others he’s more like Kurt Cobain.  The rapper notes that he really makes his music for the benefit of live crowds rather than radio.

Jon Huser