Calling the Heliotrope Home

Calling the Heliotrope Home

If you want to learn about an example of a futuristic, super-green house, let us tell you about the Heliotrope.  After you have heard what we have to say about this structure, you may want to pack your bags and move to Germany!

First of all, the Heliotrope home is a rotating, solar house that looks like it might be a space satellite or something from out of this world.  However, architect Rolf Disch named his structure after the plant that actually moves its leaves to keep them facing the sun.

The structure is a giant cylinder with triple-pane windows that, like the plant, actually follow the sun throughout the winter.  In the summer, the home actually rotates so that the back of the house faces the sun, which keeps the interior cool.  Of course, there are solar panels on the roof that help provide energy for the entire house.  Do you want to move into a rotating house?

There are other green features to the Heliotrope house as well.  The house has a rainwater collection system that allows homeowners to reuse grey water – which is the runoff from the sinks, showers, and hoses – and rainwater for the toilet system and irrigation.  Additionally, it has an odor-free composting toilet system that actually filters sewage water through the cascade pond in the front yard.
So, this might be the home of the future.  Are you interested in moving in?

Lance Grooms