Celebrate National S’mores Day

Celebrate National S’mores Day

National S’mores Day takes place every year on August 10th.  A favorite campfire treat for kids of all ages, S’mores are gooey and sticky and while undeniably full of carbohydrates and sugar and probably not for regular everyday consumption in a healthy lifestyle, they are still a seriously delicious treat to eat while sitting by a campfire.

Even though no one really seems to know who actually invented S’mores, enough people thought they were special enough to deserve an entire day to be named in their honor and this is exactly what National S’mores Day is.  Appropriately enough for a scrumptious summer treat, National S’mores Day takes place in August, which is the prime time for campfires.

The creation of S’mores can be dated back to the 1920s, when it is believed that it was the Campfire Girls who came up with the recipe.  The tasty chocolaty treats were soon discovered by the Girl Scouts and before long S’mores became a staple campfire treat for just about everybody.  Although no one knows precisely how S’mores came by their unusual name, urban legend would suggest that it came from young children sitting by the campfire and demanding “Gimme some more!”

S’mores are made from marshmallows, Honey Graham crackers and a chocolate candy bar, and while National S’mores Day may not be a national day that is officially recognized by Congress, it is nonetheless a day that should still not be allowed to pass without indulging in a few S’mores, by the campfire or otherwise!

Jon Huser