Checklist for moving your business

Checklist for moving your business

Moving your company office is time consuming and stressful.  If you intend to move a few blocks away it may not seem as bad as an international relocation may feel.  Yet, you should not become lax when it comes to your business relocation.

There are checklists you will want to follow with regards to your business relocation.  First, you need to find a new space to put your business.  Make certain all negotiations are complete with your future landlord and that all remodeling is completed before you relocate.  It is better if all remodeling is completed so that you have less to worry about when moving boxes and equipment into the new space.

A business needs to consider its phone numbers.  Changing your phone number may create a loss of clients.  It is better to call your phone company to ensure you transfer your existing phone numbers.  Obviously if you are moving out of state or undertaking an international relocation you will not be able to take the same numbers, but a local move means you can keep the same numbers.

Your business needs to create an announcement letter, stationery, envelopes and business cards for the new address; make certain that every current client receives a letter.  This will help them later on.  Also make certain you use a change of address card from the post office to ensure your mail gets to the new address.  These simple things can help your relocation.

Lance Grooms