Chiquita Relocating Employees

Chiquita Relocating Employees

Chiquita Brands International has stated that its move from Cincinnati, Ohio to Charlotte, North Carolina will not create layoffs for its Ohio workers.  Instead, the company plans to offer relocation to employees.

The employees will have a time limit to accept the move.  It was also stated that positions are not being eliminated with the move.  This means the jobs will be available for those who want to relocate.  For those who do not relocate, their positions will be offered to local Charlotte residents.

The final decisions will be made soon based on the headquarters being closed in Cincinnati.  Almost all of the employees in Ohio have already received their option with regards to moving.  For various reasons not all employees have received the option.  This may be due to performance reviews whereby the company did not feel it appropriate to offer these individuals the option.

Chiquita also stated that it is quite pleased that a number of employees have already accepted the option to move.  Only a few will initially relocate in April, with others following in the months after.  Chiquita also updated the Securities and Exchange regarding their plan in order to outline the terms for the executive officers who will be moving.  The company is offering new residence help, temporary living expenses and home sale assistance.  This makes the corporate moving option for employees a little easier.  Compensation will also be made for loss on any home sales that occur.

Jon Huser