Communication is Key During Office Move

Communication is Key During Office Move

The success of a commercial move really depends on the preparation involved.  As long as there is a set plan and clear communication with all parties involved, there is a very good chance your office move will go off without a hitch.  You are most likely to see failed attempts at office relocations when no one knows what is going on.

The key is to make sure you correspond with everyone.  Communication is key in many aspects of life and business – the same goes for a corporate move.  It is important that everyone – and we mean everyone – knows what is going on from start to finish.  That means keeping your employees, movers, renters, landlords, and clients all in the know.

Keep Everyone Informed

Remember, the fewer questions on moving day, the better.  So, make sure everyone knows the moving plan before the big day.  A good moving plan will include where all furniture will be placed in the new office, where everyone’s new workspace will be, and what the schedule is.

In-House Communications

Supervisors should be made well aware of what the moving plan is.  It will be their job to delegate certain tasks and information to their respective teams.  Individual employees should be made aware of the plan as well, and instructed clearly that they are to take care of packing their own workspaces up.

Talk to the Movers

A good way to ensure that the movers know where to put everything in the new office is to work with them on a good labeling system.  You can correspond departments with different colors and so on.  Just make sure that you and the movers are on the same page.

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