Council members’ benefits examined in Palm Desert, CA

Council members’ benefits examined in Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert has the highest pay and benefits for council members of the entire Coachella Valley.  In recent months there have been many questions asked about this, especially when real estate has been selling at such low prices.

Check any real estate site and you will find that housing prices have been reduced in Palm Desert over the last month.  Families are struggling to sell their homes, which has meant that those trying to move from Palm Desert may be having a hard time.  Some of these families may even be leaving the state altogether in the hopes of finding jobs or a new start through long distance moves.  Data is not clear why there are numerous homes for sale or why the families may be moving, but it certainly suggests that housing prices are being reduced.

When choosing a new destination, looking at the taxes on property and food is important.  Choosing a place with a lower cost of living can often be the better option when compared to a place that is currently under investigation for overly high pay and benefits to council members.

A long distance move from Palm Desert may be the best choice for some families, even if it means gaining a little less on the home sale than people would like.  During your long distance move it is important to have a company you trust offering full service packages such as packing, crating and warehousing along with the trucks to make the move easier on you and your family.

-Jon Huser