Cut down on waste when moving

Cut down on waste when moving

Millions of people in the United States move each year, and with the level of household waste on the rise it is important to try and keep waste to an absolute minimum, particularly when trying to move.

The good news is that the Environmental Protection Agency has a number of easy tips to follow that will help you to cut down on waste if you are intending on relocation any time soon.  One of those tips is to avoid buying new boxes wherever possible.  Instead, begin saving boxes before you move, check with any local businesses for leftover boxes they may be willing to part with, and if you have any new neighbors who have just moved in, ask them if they have any remaining boxes.  If you are unable to get your hands on old boxes, choose corrugated boxes that have the highest possible recycled content.

Another good tip is to pack your own clothes and linens, as well as other items, in duffel bags or suitcases that you already own instead of boxes.  Once you have moved in to your new place and unpacked, make sure that you recycle your boxes.  You might also want to check with your moving company as to the cost of renting reusable storage crates, which last around ten years and can also then be recycled.

Make sure that any hazardous materials that cannot be recycled, such as automotive supplies, paints and household cleaners, are properly disposed of.