Daylight Saving ends Sunday November 4th

Daylight Saving ends Sunday November 4th

Daylight Saving affects clocks in the United States twice a year.  Daylight Saving Time starts in the spring, with clocks being turned forward by exactly one hour, which means that a full hour of light gets shifted forward from the early morning to the evening.  Daylight Savings Time comes to an end in the fall, when clocks are then set back precisely one hour and Standard Time resumes once more.

The current schedule, which was drawn up 17 years ago back in 2005 by the Energy Policy Act, sees the United States shift forwards one hour on the second Sunday in the month of March at exactly 2am, and then shift backwards an hour on the first Sunday in the month of November, again at exactly 2am.

The Daylight Saving Schedule for 2012 in the United States saw Daylight Saving Time start on Sunday 11th March, and it will go back to Standard Time this weekend on Sunday November 4th.  All time changes in the United States occur at 2am local time.

Opinions range from love to hate when it comes to Daylight Saving Time, with complaints ranging from the disruption caused to sleep times to the sheer inconvenience of having to reset all of the clocks twice a year.  For the great majority of people, however, the minor inconveniences caused by Daylight Saving Time are more than made up for by getting an extra hour of daylight during the summer.

Lance Grooms