Documentary Marks Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Death

Documentary Marks Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Death

May 11, 1981 was a sad day; it was the day that reggae legend Bob Marley died of cancer.  Now, 30 years later – Bob Marley has been moved back into the forefront of our minds.  Filmmaker Kevin McDonald is presenting a preview of his latest work, simply called “Marley” at the Cannes Film Festival.

McDonald, known for his film “The Last King of Scotland,” focused the last few years on the life of Bob Marley.  According to the director, it is a “definitive documentary” on the legend’s life and music.  This is a particularly moving historical event as it is the first time that the Marley family has allowed the use of their private archives, which includes photographs, film, and music.

Though the director was too young to have seen Marley live, he has been a fan since childhood.  The film took McDonald all over the world – moving from Marley’s home in Jamaica (which is also now a museum) to India, Uganda, Kenya, and even Japan.  Part of the film’s focus is to show the influence the musician had across the globe.

Particularly poignant was the filming in Tunisia, where Marley had a huge cultural influence and still does to this day.  During the recent revolution, people were in the streets chanting “Get up, stand up” throughout the demonstrations.

Though Bob Marley is no longer with us, he definitely lives on.  In fact, no one who has ever heard his music will forget it.  Marley’s music continues to resonate even with people who were born decades after his death.

Jon Huser