Driving Permits Overseas

Driving Permits Overseas

If you want to drive yourself around after you move abroad, you might want to consider getting an International Driving Permit.  This little document is also known as the IDP and can be of great use, especially if you want to drive after you move overseas.

Some countries don’t require you to have an IDP – usually your national license will do.  However, there are some countries that do require an IDP; otherwise you won’t be able to drive after you move.  There are also countries that will allow you to drive temporarily while you are in the process of getting a local license.  So, this is definitely something you might want to check out.

It is important to know that the IDP is not actually the license, but a certification of a national license.  It spans nine languages: English, French, Chinese, German, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Swedish and Spanish.  Basically what the IDP does is indicate that you do have a valid national license and your credentials should be observed.

In other words, the IDP can save you hours of time, especially if you are pulled over or involved in a traffic violation once you move.  You can only get an IDP in your home country, so it must be done before you move.

Before you start planning your move, take a few moments to sit back and reflect on whether you’d like the ability to drive a car in your new country.  If that is something you might want or need, it is definitely a good idea to read more about it.

Jon Huser