Duffy contemplates London move

Duffy contemplates London move

Former Boyzone star Keith Duffy is contemplating moving out of Ireland for the sake of his acting career.  The actor, who played bartender Ciaran McCarthy in UK soap Coronation Street, has said that he would think about a move to London with his wife Lisa and his two children, 16-year-old Jordan and 12-year-old Mia.

“I am tempted to move somewhere where I can work and go home every night to my own bed rather than having to go home to an empty flat and fly home every weekend,” Duffy says.  “I’m just back from London and was staying with friends in Richmond just outside London, and it’s a really nice place to live and we have a lot of friends there.”

Fans should not be offering to help set him up with a moving company just yet, however, with the star noting that his first priority has to be his children’s education.  Mia will be starting at a Dublin secondary school this year and Duffy believes it would be unfair to move her abroad now.  Duffy says he is definitely spending the next year in Ireland anyway, after which he may reconsider his options, but notes that Dublin would always be his home.

The former pop star also added that he believes his true talent is in acting rather than music, noting that during his time with Boyzone he always felt like someone else could do what he did better than he could, and that he feels more on a level playing field as an actor.

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