Eight weeks before you move

Eight weeks before you move

Creating an easy move is possible.  You want to minimize the stress you feel during any move, whether it is brought about by anxiety over a new place to live or because it will be a long distance move.  There are some tips we can supply that will help you with your move.  For instance, your move will be simplified if you start planning at least eight weeks in advance of the move.

Start with a move file that will keep track of the information you have learned so far.  For example any estimates you receive from a moving company need to go into your move file.  In this way you can keep track of the receipts, estimates, and other important information.

Check with your accountant or IRS for any possible tax deductions you might be able to make with your moving expenses.  Sometimes there are definite tax advantages, whereas other moves may not provide you with anything.  Typically long distance moving for work is a tax deduction.

Make certain you read about the packing and wrapping techniques that exist.  There are simple ways to protect your precious items as long as you know what they are.  It is very easy to find these tips online.

Contact the local Chamber of Commerce where you are moving to.  They can help set you up with a new resident package that will provide you with necessary numbers of services and products you might need in your new place.

Lance Grooms