Emergency Nurses Day

Emergency Nurses Day

The date on which Emergency Nurses Day falls tends to vary from year to year.  Last year it fell on October 12th this year it is October 10th, next year it will fall on October 9th it will fall on October 8th in 2014 and October 14th in 2015!

Emergency Nurses Day is a day designed to recognize a very important caregiver.  The Emergency Nurse’s Association says: “Emergency Nurses Day salutes the dedication and commitment of emergency nursing professionals, who bring care, comfort and compassion to patients.”

There is no doubt that nurses who work in the emergency room pretty much see it all – not much of it good – but these people continue to go back to work day after day in the knowledge that they are making a big difference to the injured, sick and occasionally dying individuals who are brought into the emergency room every single day of the week.

Emergency Nurses Day is held in the midst of Emergency Nurses Week and is sponsored, and was most likely created, by the Emergency Nurses Association.  Emergency Nurses Day appears to occur in more than just the United States, with some references to a similar day being held in both Canada and Australia.  There are also a number of references to an Emergency Nurses Day that is held in the month of May, although it is unclear where this might have begun or who sponsored it.

Jon Huser