Foreclosed On? Set Booby Traps!

Foreclosed On? Set Booby Traps!

So, you’ve probably heard that age-old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Well, what about a homeowner going through a foreclosure? Don’t mess with them, either!

Recently, the FBI, the bomb squad, and other first responders paid a visit to a South Seattle foreclosure earlier this week. Why did they have to do that? Authorities believe the former owner placed a bunch of booby traps all over the property in retaliation for having to move out.

It turned out to be less severe than they originally thought. The homeowner didn’t actually plant explosives anywhere on the property – the suspected substance was actually just sugar and residue from a fire extinguisher. Other suspicious items lying around were several propane tanks and other fire extinguishers.

Apparently, the 51-year-old homeowner wasn’t trying to kill anyone when he moved out – just cause problems for the cleanup crew. One of the so-called booby traps was a wire attached to the front gate, triggered to set a fire extinguisher off when someone walked through.

Though this story may seem a little odd to you, it is not the first time a disgruntled homeowner has booby-trapped his home. In Huntington Beach, California earlier this year, another homeowner forced to move out, trashed the house before doing so.

We’re wondering – if you had to move out of your home due to a foreclosure, would you even think about setting booby traps to the house? Let us know if you have!

Jon Huser