FRA Rail Line relocation

FRA Rail Line relocation

FRA Rail Line is set to relocate, but what is surprising is Kansas and Missouri are not going to be included in the project.  The budget is $17 million for business relocation.  The concept of the relocation is to get the rail line in a safer area and away from motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic so that the quality of life can improve where the old line used to run.

The budget for the relocation of the rail line will be just under $17 million.  Segments will be relocated, replaced and improved as part of the Federal Railroad Administration.  The relocation will affect 12 cities in the USA.  Already the line has received $67 million from state and local governments, as these communities also want safety.

There are some issues with moving the rail lines away from the cities.  The lines help deliver goods to the depots, but it will mean some truck travel for goods when the lines are moved.  The quality of life in the areas will improve though, since the industry pollution will move away from those living in the city.  It is the hope of the FRA to make living in cities better.  The moves may help to encourage more residents to come back to the states or cities once the rail moves on.

Kansas and Missouri are two major states for rail.  This is why it is surprising that they are not to be included in the relocation of the rail.

Jon Huser