Get Your Home Office in Moving Shape

Get Your Home Office in Moving Shape

If you’re lucky enough to have a home office, you know how easily it can become the catch-all room for all the clutter in the house.  Relocation offers the perfect opportunity to whip that office into shape so you can be even more productive when you move into your new home.

Filed and Forgotten

Clear-the-Clutter of the files you don’t use so you only bring the most necessary paperwork with you when you move.  Go through file cabinets, boxes, and that stack of papers on the floor under the desk; make quick decisions about what stays and what goes.  Anything you get rid of should be shredded to protect your personal and financial information.  Important papers like your mortgage or lease agreement, legal papers, birth certificates, and medical records should stay with you throughout the move.

Dress the Desk

Empty all the drawers and sort through the junk that’s accumulated in your desk.  Keep what you need, toss or donate what you don’t.  Before the movers arrive, decide if this desk is a keeper or if you’d be better served by a new one when you reach your relocation destination.  Desks can be heavy and difficult to move so if you don’t love it, it’s not worth taking it with you.

Shelve It

Books are heavy, too, so consider scaling down your collection if you’ve got many you don’t use often.  Find a good home for books you no longer want—your local library, school, or thrift store would be happy to receive your donation.  Pack your remaining books securely and be sure to label the box clearly so your movers don’t break their backs trying to lift it and also so they can pack the boxes accordingly.

-Lance Grooms