Gossip Girl Actress Moving Out

Gossip Girl Actress Moving Out

If you watch the popular television series “Gossip Girl” you already know who Kelly Rutherford is.  The actress, and mother of two, has decided to put her West Hollywood home on the market and move out of the neighborhood.

The house she’s put on the market is quite small, even by today’s standards.  With two bedrooms and one and ¾ bathrooms, her little family may be squeezing in.  But, despite its size, the house has a fully updated kitchen and an outdoor bar – perfect for a small family or couple interested in moving in.  Cozy and cute is all you need to know.

We’re thinking that the move may also be based on the fact that Rutherford spends quite a bit of her time in the Big Apple.  “Gossip Girl” is shot in New York City and she also is dating a NY attorney, Marcus Ernst.  However, the move may not be a permanent one since she does share custody with her ex, Daniel Giersch, who is based in Los Angeles.

So, are you interested in moving to the Los Angeles area?  If so, why not consider a celebrity relocation like Rutherford and buy her house?  As long as you have $1.29 million, you’re good to go.  (She bought the pad for $1.25 million a couple of years ago.)  If you aren’t ready to jump into buying, the house is also available to rent – for a whopping $4,995 per month.

Katie Steil