Got $250,000? Rent in Malibu

Got $250,000? Rent in Malibu

Many people move to California to get a taste of the movie magic that envelops the state.  So, if you’ve got $250,000 to spend on monthly rent and want to live in a real movie mansion, consider moving to 26848 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California.  This 16,107 square foot home is called La Villa Contenta and has been featured in its fair share of film and television.

You may have seen it as the vampire queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq’s palace in HBO’s series “True Blood.”  If you aren’t into vampires, perhaps you caught a glimpse of the grounds in Paul Rudd’s 2009 comedy, “I Love You, Man” during the wedding scene.  The house was also Adam Sandler’s home in “Funny People.”

The house isn’t just a movie house, however.  With its fancy pool house decked out with several chandeliers trimmed in half a million sea shells, two maid’s quarters, 13 bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms the house is definitely solution for anyone wanting to move away from it all.  Not to mention the estate’s eight acres, 10 parking spots, indoor and outdoor pools, and tennis courts, moving into this house may be like moving into another world.

If you find yourself on a budget, you may consider renting the 11,500 square foot main house only – for $87,500 per month.  With four bedrooms, 8 ½ bathrooms, a gym, and a screening room, the main house may be the perfect solution for a smaller relocation….just saying.

Jon Huser