Got an iPad? Find a House!

Got an iPad? Find a House!
Image courtesy of Apple.

The iPad may be the world’s next great house-hunting tool.  Wondering what we mean?  Well, if you are thinking of moving and have an iPad, read on!  We’ve got some exciting news.

In recent months, several companies have unveiled apps for the iPad to assist prospective house hunters. is one the most recent companies to design such an app and offer it to the world – complete with social sharing, notes, and GPS.  So, if you’ve got the itch to relocate, this app might be a good thing for you.

Back in the old days, home listings were contained in a booklet and agents didn’t even share these listings with the public.  It was called the MLS book.  With technological advances, social networks, and new mobile devices, the whole real estate industry has evolved greatly.  Now, people who want to move can grab their iPad and start checking out new places.

The iPad, with its larger display, is probably the next big thing to hit the house-hunting task.  The terrific photo display and touch-screen access allows for quick access to house listings and information on neighborhoods.  Real estate companies are now taking advantage of such technology to make house hinting easier.’s latest app uses a GPS that allows house hunters to easily find house listings so they can drive by and check them out.  You can also use the mapping tool to draw a boundary around a certain area thus limiting your search to areas you want to move.  Other real estate companies to have iPad apps for house hunting include Zillow and Trulia.

Jon Huser