Grandma Didn’t Get Run Over by a Reindeer

Grandma Didn’t Get Run Over by a Reindeer

This Christmas is definitely one the Keller family of Bountiful, Utah won’t soon forget!  Apparently, a deer decided that it wanted to move into the family’s home.

Instead of hearing that anticipated ‘click, click, click’ up on the rooftop, the family heard an incredibly loud crash as the rogue deer crashed through a window and trampled furniture and presents.  A five-foot buck moved through the family’s living room like a deer on a mission – not just looking for a carrot but probably a way out as well!

At first, the Keller’s, who were putting their children to bed in preparation for Santa’s arrival, thought the commotion was coming from outside.  Only it wasn’t!  The buck ended up getting trapped in the room where the family was keeping their holiday gifts for about two hours.  As they waited for wildlife workers to come and retrieve the houseguest, the family did manage to snap a few photos.

Oh, holiday memories!

Luckily, most of the family’s presents survived the buck’s temporary relocation from the wild.  However, the poor buck wasn’t so lucky.  Officers with Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources had to put the animal down in order to get him out of the house without further damage or any injuries.

Though sad, we’re betting that this is one Christmas that the Keller family won’t ever forget.

How did you spend your holiday?  Did anyone move in or out this winter?

Jon Huser