Helping Fido Adjust to Your New House

Helping Fido Adjust to Your New House

As we mentioned in our recent post about getting your dog ready to move, the whole relocation process can be quite hard on your best friend.  While there is plenty you can do to prepare your dog for the move, there are also things you should consider when you arrive at your new house.

First of all, you will definitely need to update your dog’s license and his collar tags before you move.  Be sure to use your cell number so that you can be reached whether your new home phone is set up or not.  It is also a good idea to keep all your dog’s vet records with you.

Once you move into the new house, make sure that your dog’s food bowl, water dish, and bed are all set up where you will want them.  If you can, try and place them in similar locations as in your previous house.  You may also consider buying a device that releases pheromones, to plug into your home’s outlets to help calm and sooth Fido.

For the first few days, restrict your dog’s access to the home.  By keeping him only in a few rooms for this time period you are allowing him to become completely comfortable in his new house.  As soon as he seems relaxed, introduce him to another room.

Just remember, once you move into the new home, you need to give your dog plenty of extra love and attention.  Moving is stressful on everyone, including your dog!  As you help your dog adjust, you should also keep the same routine so that your dog’s world isn’t completely turned upside down.

Katie Steil