Higher Divorce Rates Among Female GIs

Higher Divorce Rates Among Female GIs

It is an unfortunate fact that the marriages of people in the military often end in divorce due to extended separations, multiple relocations, mental health issues, and even injuries.  Marriage is a challenge even without these factors but studies have shown that female GIs tend to have a higher divorce rate than their male counterparts.

The hard, cold reality for women in the military is that their marriages are more than twice as likely to end in divorce.  The statistics go up to three times as likely for women who are enlisted.  In fact, women in the military get divorced significantly more than men in the military, who have a divorce rate even lower than their civilian peers.  Experts are trying to see how we can move away from this trend.

More than 220,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan as police officers, helicopter pilots, and more.  In the last year, almost 8% of the women in the military were divorced.  Only 3% of military men got a divorce.  Divorce can result in financial loss, mental stress, and even be a breaking point for many people.  Children and parents must move into separate homes making it an event that affects everyone.

No one is really sure why women in the military suffer from divorce more frequently, though it may likely be societal pressures.  Many experts think that traditional men tend to join the military while unconventional women join.  The thought behind this is that such women are less willing to stay in a bad marriage and will move on more easily.

Katie Steil