Holding a successful garage sale

Holding a successful garage sale

The decision to move somewhere new can be a great opportunity to transform trash into cash.  Regardless of whether you describe it as a garage sale, a moving sale or a yard sale, the idea is the same – to at long last clear out the junk that is taking up all of the space in your attic, basement, closet or garage that you have not actually used for years anyway.

If your move is into a property that is smaller than the one in which you are currently residing, a sale of some description is likely to be necessary unless you want to throw everything in the garbage or give it all to charity.  If there is a lot of stuff that you want to get rid of before your relocation, you might even want to think about holding an estate sale or auction.  The kind of people who specialize in such sales, such as garage sale professionals, will be able to clean out your home for you in one big swoop.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to rid yourself of baby things that your children have long since outgrown, clothes that are no longer worn, CDs and books you no longer enjoy, and furniture you are sick of the sight of.  A garage sale is probably the best avenue to pursue, with the money you make from the sale also likely to come in handy to help you to purchase new things at your new home.  The market has several books available to purchase that offer advice on how to stage a sale, and even kits that include labels and signs and other sorts of garage sale paraphernalia.  The internet is also an unrivalled source of free advice, and anybody who has previously held a garage sale at some point in their lives will be likely to be only too keen to share with you their stories, good and bad.

There are a number of popular pieces of advice that it is a good idea to follow if you do intend to hold a garage sale.  One good tip is to check with local officials to ensure that there are no restrictions placed on garage sales in the area in which you live.

Another good tip is to realize that it definitely pays to advertise.  You can place advertisements in your local newspaper, Shoppers Guide or Pennysaver.  Notices can also be posted on neighborhood bulletin boards and at the local grocery store, and you can also post details about the sale on the internet.  If you have neighbors who are thinking of holding a garage sale, it might be a good idea to hold a joint sale and thus share the costs; this is something that could also succeed in attracting more customers.  On the day of the garage sale you should position bold signs with arrows on the route that leads to your home.