Home Staging

     Clear the Clutter™

     Clear the Clutter™ is a home staging program built to target those problem areas of a home and remove some of the items that make a house a home.   Check it out online at https://mybekins.com/resources/clear-the-clutter/ to see how BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers, Inc. will pack, remove, and store while you list your home for sale… for one flat price. Simple as that!    And guess what?!  It could cost less than the grievance of going to the in-laws, gas and time finding uncrushed boxes at the store or cleaning out your friend’s storage, just to make room for your stuff!

     Have you ever got sick of your messy apartment, condo or house and just decided to clean?  How did you feel afterward?  Probably pretty tired, but good.  People feel more relaxed and peaceful when things are in order.  Organization results in a sense of accomplishment and a fresh start.      

     Now imagine if you were going to a friend’s home and it was messy.  What are some feelings or reactions you have?  Depending on the severity, lazy, disorganized and messy might come to mind.  Now imagine those same feelings about a home that you are going to live in, not just visit…whole different story! 

     Homes with less personal clutter sell for an average of 6.3% more.  Is cleaning and organizing worth it?  If you want to give your home the best possible chance to be sold, I would hope your answer is yes, especially with the present housing market!  It is a buyer’s market and many other homes trying to be sold, so it is easier for your home “to get the axe” if there is a deal breaker like messiness, disorganization and/or dirty or cluttered rooms, floors or walls.

      There are many things you can do to help your home to be more appealing.  Of course packing up the things you don’t need will help.  After all, you will be moving so why not pack it up now, it will save time later.  “Yeah, but where should I put all this stuff?”  That’s a great question!  Storing the boxes, plastic containers and “extra” items in a garage, loft, closet or pantry might not be wise, because chances are that the potential homebuyer will want to see how big these areas are without an obstructed view.  There are services out there to help solve this storage dilemma.  Storage facilities, a friend’s house, the in-laws…..“I am so busy right now.”  So is everyone else… doing the things discussed here, and guess what, they are also getting an edge on you if you don’t.