Houghton moves on

Houghton moves on

Chantelle Houghton has been packing up the home in Essex that she once shared with Alex Reid in what is being called a fresh start for the single mother.  The star was photographed yesterday boxing up her possessions and preparing to move out of the home in Essex that she lived in with former fiancé Alex Reid.

The mother of one was spotted dressing down in a cozy leopard print jacket and Uggs as she shifted heavy boxes to her vehicle yesterday morning.  The blonde celebrity had also enlisted the help of a friend, with the two of them being sighted giving some of the boxes to a nearby British Heart Foundation shop prior to having a break and making a pit stop at McDonalds.

The celebrity is preparing for relocation to a brand new house situated in Brentwood, also in Essex, with her baby daughter Dolly.  The star’s heated relationship with Reid ended a few weeks ago with her former fiancé moving out of the house; the breakup came just days after police arrested Reid for breaking into his former house.  Houghton has confessed she was frightened by the ordeal and still bewildered as to why the ex-cage fighter broke in.

Reid has not been the only unexpected intruder in the house either, with Houghton yesterday tweeting that she had found a furry animal setting up home there:  “Packing up my house today, walked downstairs to find a rat in the kitchen last night! It got in from the river by side of house in basement!”

Jon Huser