House Hunting on The Move

House Hunting on The Move

Most people looking for a new house often start by simply driving around.  It is the easiest way to look for a home.  This works especially well if you have decided which neighborhood or area you would like to move to and want to take a look around.

As you drive by and see which homes for sale, you might jot down the realtor’s name, phone number and address.  If you are especially bold, you might even knock on the door to the house.  You can do this alone or with your real estate agent.  It’s all up to you.  Don’t expect a walk-through.  Keep in mind it is their home and your are an unexpected visitor.

Looking for houses as you drive by can be fun, but there are some things to remember, as with anything else.  Always bring a paper and pen with you (or your smartphone or iPad) to jot down the basic information about the house.

If you begin driving around with your real estate agent, he or she will definitely get a good idea of the type of neighborhood and house you like.  The better your agent knows your preferences, the more easily he or she can help you find a place to move!

One thing to remember is that homes for sale by the owner might actually save you some money.  You won’t have to pay the realtor’s fees and you may even have lower closing costs.  Often, people who want to move out in a hurry own these homes.

Regardless of the neighborhood or home you want to move into, the best time to look for houses as you drive by is the weekend.  You may get lucky and drive by an open house or see the homeowner in the front yard.

Lance Grooms