House UP for Sale

House UP for Sale

If you are a fan of the animated feature film “Up” you may be interested to know that the house from the movie is actually up for sale.  And no, we are not kidding.  You could move into a house modeled after the ballooning house, if you feel like relocating to Utah.

The 2009 animated Disney movie is a moving tale of a little old man, grieving the loss of his wife that ties a bunch of balloons to his house to make it fly away to South America.  In the story, we meet a little boy who inadvertently tags along, a talking dog named Doug, and of course the quintessential villains.

After seeing the film, builder Blaire Bangerter just knew he had to recreate it.  The house is an exact, real-life replica of the iconic cartoon home. With four bedrooms and 3 ½ bathrooms, the 2,800 square foot home also has two family rooms and a lovely kitchen.  And when we say exact replica, we mean exact.  The colors of the house match the movie as does the mailbox and the rendition of “Paradise Falls” over the fireplace.

If you’re worried that the house might float away if you decide to move in, don’t.  The house has a basement to keep it securely grounded.

The house was built for the 65th Annual Salt Lake Parade of Homes and the asking price is about $400,000.  The sellers are hoping someone with plenty of imagination will move in.

Jon Huser