How to De-Draft Your House

How to De-Draft Your House

Whether you have lived in your house for a long time or just moved into a drafty old house, there are steps you can take to warm up your rooms and lower your heating bills.  These tips are helpful if you are moving into an older home that needs work, but could be useful no matter where you live.

Check for Cold-Air Leaks

If your house is drafty, chances are you have a couple of leaks in and around your doors and windows.  You can use the smoke from a stick of incense to find where these leaky areas are.  Simply light the incense and move it toward the windows and doors.  Watch the smoke.  Does it blow horizontally?  If so, there is a draft.  Find it and seal it up.

Check the AC Ducts

The AC ducts are often the culprits of drafts throughout a house.  If the AC ducts aren’t used by your house’s heating system, you will want to plug them up when not in use.  If you aren’t sure, simply move over to where the ducts are and see if there is a cooler draft.  If there is, you’ll need a quick fix.  Use a magnetic register cover to solve this problem.

Seal the Attic and Basement

The attic and basement usually don’t have any air conditioning or heat, so you really need to make sure that they are well sealed.  Check the access doors for faulty gaskets, cracked or rotted door sweeps, and for any drafts.  Block off these areas from the rest of your home to prevent wasting money on your heating bill.

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